‘Why can’t you control your dog?’ Stunned bystanders watch handcuffed black suspect writhe in agony as K9 mauls his arm and ignores its police handler

This is the shocking moment a K9 mauled a handcuffed suspect’s arm while a police officer unsuccessfully tried to pull it away.

The man arrested in San Diego, California, was left with a large open wound after the dog pounced on him and sank its teeth into its forearm.

Angel Nunez, captured the incident on his way to work, and posted the video to Facebook.

‘This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9,’ he captioned it.

‘There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn’t seem to have the proper training. Also that dog is not well trained.’

Three police officers were present when  a K9 bit and twisted a man’s arm on the sidewalk in San Diego, California

The attack unfolded on Monday afternoon. While many believed the suspect may have provoked the dog, a commenter posted a video of how the incident initially unfolded seconds before Nunez’s clip.

The handcuffed man appears to have been in conversation with the police officer. It’s unclear what they talked about before the dog pounced on the man, forcing him to the ground. He then repeatedly says ‘okay, okay’ while the officer yells, ‘give me your hand!’

Nunez’s clip then shows the K9 biting the suspect, who is screaming in agony, while the officer unsuccessfully tries to get the animal off.

Within a few seconds, blood starts gushing out of the man’s arm. The video then shows two officers who arrive at the scene to hold the suspect’s legs down. Throughout the video the suspect repeatedly screams, ‘I am comfortable!’

A bystander then asks: ‘ You have no control of your dog whatsoever? Are you kidding me?’

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon. The handcuffed man appears to have been in conversation with the officer before the dog pounced

The K9 dog bit the man’s hand for about 30 seconds, while the officer unsuccessfully tried to get the animal off

 Another adds: ‘You guys have three versus one and you can’t get the dog off?’ 

One of the officers then yells at the bystanders to get back. ‘Shut up and get back!’ he said.

The same officer then escorts the K9 dog away while the other two rummage through the suspect’s pockets. 

‘My own dog is better trained than that,’ one of the bystanders, who appeared to be walking his dog, said.

The video has been viewed more than two million times on Facebook and has instigated debates about whether the police officers or the suspect was in the wrong.



Black 5ft 2in teenage girl weighing 115lbs tells of horrific…

‘Pain is unbearable’: Brave acid attack victim reveals her…

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One commenter said: ‘The video begins during the middle of the incident but I’m pretty sure he resisted for the dog to attack him….stay out of trouble if you don’t want to get bit by a dog.’

Another posted: ‘Instead of helping save this man’s arm the other officers are more worried with holding down his legs!

‘That dog should be put down and that police department should be held responsible in civil court the same as any other pet owner!’ 

Blood gushes out of the man’s arm while two officers arrive at the scene to hold his legs down

The man was left with an open wound after the officer finally gets the K9 off



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Farmer en suite, Swiss “zero-star” hotel moves beds to great outdoors

ZURICH, June 7 (Reuters) – An overnight stay in a double bed “suite” in a field costs 295 Swiss francs ($306), but you do get a drink on arrival, breakfast and the services of a “modern butler” — typically a local farmer in rubber boots.

He or she escorts guests to the site, provides weather reports and delivers local jokes through a broken-down TV set.

Welcome to the “zero star” hotel, a conceptual art project that lets guests bed down in the wide open spaces with unobstructed views of Switzerland’s majestic landscape.

Created by twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and partner Daniel Charbonnier, the project aims to explode traditional approaches to hospitality in the wealthy country known for its luxurious top-star mountain and lakeside resorts.

“Our artistic perspective is to go in the other direction. There is freedom in the zero to define luxury anew,” Frank Riklin said of the minimalist project that opens on Friday in the rolling hills of the Appenzell region near Sankt Gallen.

An outhouse bathroom is a three-minute walk away at a nearby Alpine hut that serves as a backup in case of bad weather, which wiped out 37 of the 60 available nights outdoors last year.

Previous versions of the installation have featured beds in a nuclear bunker and at an elevation of 1,600 metres (5,250 feet) in the mountainous Grisons region.

This year’s offering is nearly sold out after more than 1,300 requests for reservations from people as far afield as the United States, Australia, Iraq and Africa.

While art lovers vie for a night under the stars, Riklin said traditional Swiss hoteliers are not great fans of the project that stands normal customs on their head.

“We are very consciously mixing up the system to create a new reality,” he said.

($1 = 0.9641 Swiss francs) (Reporting by Michael Shields Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

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Chinese warships conduct live-fire drills in Mediterranean

BEIJING (AP) – In a demonstration of the Chinese navy’s expanding global reach, the country’s latest-generation warships conducted live-firing drills in the Mediterranean Sea this week while en route to joint exercises with the Russian navy, the defense ministry said Wednesday.

The destroyer Hefei, frigate Yuncheng and support ship Luomahu took part in Monday’s drills involving the ship’s deck guns and small arms, the ministry said in a notice on its website.

“Maintaining a strict schedule of targeted exercises accomplishes transit, training and improvement en route, raising the flotilla’s training levels and capabilities,” it quote flotilla commander Liu Hui as saying.

FILE – In this Sept. 12, 2016, photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, officers and sailors of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy hold a welcome ceremony as a Russian naval ship arrives in port in Zhanjiang in southern China’s Guangdong Province. China says its latest-generation warships have conducted live-firing drills in the Mediterranean Sea Monday, July 10, 2017, while en route to joint exercises with the Russian navy. (Zha Chunming/Xinhua via AP, File)

The ships will next take part in the “Joint Sea 2017” exercises in waters off the Russian cities of St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, part of growing cooperation between the countries’ militaries.

China’s navy is the world’s second-largest behind the U.S. and is increasingly operating in the Mediterranean, aided by the construction of a naval logistics base in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti.

Two naval ships departed Tuesday from the southern Chinese port of Zhanjiang with personnel to man the facility, China’s first overseas military base.

While China says the base is needed to support peacekeeping, anti-piracy and other missions in the region, Beijing’s rivalry with the U.S. is considered a key driving force behind the country’s military expansion.

“The U.S. Navy is also more combat ready because it has been actively participating in joint drills and regional wars for decades,” the official China Daily newspaper said in an editorial Wednesday.

“This means China has to work harder to become a major naval power that can better defend its territorial rights and sovereignty,” it said.

On Tuesday, China’s sole operating aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, departed Hong Kong after a visit aimed at inspiring patriotism among citizens of the former British colony that reverted to Chinese rule 20 years ago. Taiwan’s defense ministry said it was monitoring the progress of the carrier and its escorts as they traveled northward along the western portion of the Taiwan Strait.

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Who ARE the men and women risking it all for extra-marital fun? As Ashley Madison faces security breach, FEMAIL signs up to the controversial dating site to find out

As hackers threaten to reveal customer data from adultery website Ashley Madison, many users are racing to delete their accounts.

But for many of the married men and women signed up to the controversial site – which boasts one million users in the UK alone – it is business as usual, with their online profiles still intact.

FEMAIL registered its own account to see just what kind of man is willing to risk everything for an extra-marital affair – and why.

Browsing the list of ‘available’ men, it is perhaps surprising to see how many of the profile pictures are unedited close-ups.

Scroll down for video 

The adultery site Ashley Madison is for men and women who are looking for an extra-marital affair without their partners’ knowledge

After all, as users are informed when you register your details, you are far more likely to elicit a response if you post a picture of yourself. And the more candid the better.

The men stare brazenly into the camera, seemingly unconcerned that someone might recognise them and inform their other halves.

Others photographs are fuzzy and out of focus, or teasingly zoomed in on one feature – a pouty mouth or a hint of chiselled jaw. Meanwhile a few are wearing masks, either real of animated, like those found at a masquerade ball.

The profiles themselves are equally revealing. A 38-year-old attached man from London sets his limits as: Whatever Excites Me.

Detailing what he is looking for, he includes: submission, blindfolding, Tantric Sex, role-playing, threesomes and erotic movies.



Ashley Madison hackers have done us all a favour! One…

Hackers blackmail millions of cheating spouses by…

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The Pisces man pleads for someone who is ‘good with your hands, open to experimentation’, and ‘likes to give oral sex’.

He says: ‘You only live once make the most out of it. Some love me, some hate me, but no one knows who I truly am.

‘That’s because I like to be a bit of mystery. Why don’t you come try solve this mystery? I promise you there’s a pretty sweet reward for doing so.’

He seems to acknowledge the moral debate surrounding the site, which promotes infidelity, when he says: ‘This may seem odd on site like this but I’m a very caring guy. Your pleasure is just important as mine.’

The discreet site – which has one million users in the UK – is now facing a security breach from hackers

He continued by promising he would never leave a girl ‘unsatisfied’ and would make sure she gets what she deserves.

Under the category ‘what really turns me on’, he asks for a ‘disease free’ woman with a high sex drive and a secret love nest – who also has a ‘good sense of humour’.

Meanwhile a 40-year-old Indian man from London is looking for ‘someone I can teach’, who likes experimenting with sex toys and ‘bubble bath for 2’.

The 6ft 4ins attached male adds: ‘I’m a super nice, gentle guy with a relaxed style but looking for someone special to enjoy intimate time with…’

Another attached user, a 27-year-old music lover from London, openly admits he is not fulfilled in his current relationship.

He says: ‘Current relationship lacks that spark – looking for a discreet fantasy…’

The ‘muscular’ man, who speaks three languages, lists many encounters he is open too, including dressing up; lingerie, sharing fantasies, spanking and sex talk.

His preferences include a professional woman who is ‘well-groomed’, has ‘natural breasts’ and ‘good personal hygiene’.

He adds: ‘Seeking the girl next door type – who’s a freak in the sheets. Wicked desires only need apply.

‘A bad bad dirty talkin’ lady who can hold a conversation, who’s not afraid of making herself the subject of a joke.’

He also asks for someone who is ‘down for anything’ –  a ‘coffee’ or late-night meets’ and reiterates that ‘discretion is a must!’.

Additionally a 42-year-old ‘fit’ male from Surrey sets his limits at ‘anything goes’ and states that he is into exhibitionism and ‘likes to be watched’.

The 6ft Sagittarius says: ‘Just looking for some discreet and intimate fun to spice this life up. No hassles, just pleasure.’

In their profiles, many users detail what they are looking for in an affair and their sexual fantasies 

Under the category, what I am looking for, he continues: ‘Daring Rendezvous. A like-minded soul. Dirty and intelligent mind in a clean and needy body :-).’

A 39-year-old African American is also reasonably upfront about the difficulties he faces in his marriage.

He says: ‘I am a busy professional working long hours and hardly get time to connect with my equally busy spouse.

The Aries, who is ‘undecided about his limits’, even offers a financial reward as an incentive, adding: ‘I am looking for someone who is willing to offer good companionship for 2 hours a week in return for a financial gift. The ideal lady will be attractive and with a place not too far from central London. Is that too much to ask? :-)’

A 46-year-old man who works in media in London describes himself as ‘sexually dominant’ and promises to ‘take control with the right woman. But of course only in a safe, sane and consensual way’.

He sells himself as having ‘a dry sense of humour’ and the ability to ‘converse intelligently and playfull’,.

Despite having a ‘strong sex drive’, he adds: ‘That’s not the only thing on my (broad) mind.’

He says: ‘I am like all the best things – addictive and bad for you. I know what I want and usually get it, but I love the challenge of achieving my desires and testing my limits.

Signing off, the ‘creative and imaginative alpha male’, asks interested parties to drop him a line and ‘let’s see if we click’.

Ashley Madison, founded in 2001, also includes profiles of single men, who are presumably looking for some no-strings fun without the worry of commitment.

Many attached and unattached women have also created a profile in the hunt for some illicit excitement.

Noel Biderman (pictured) is the CEO of Avid Life Media, who owns the site geared toward married individuals looking for an affair

A ‘curvy’ 33-year-old woman from London has posted the welcome message: ‘Can we skip to the good bit..?’

The attached female is looking for a guy who is ‘smart, charming, hilarious and doesn’t take things too seriously’.

She says: ‘I won’t waste your time. So please don’t waste mine. I have a high pressure job and my down time is important to me.’ 

Describing herself as ‘an independent, sharp, feminine, down to earth yet sassy woman’, she continues: ‘Assertiveness and an open mind is a must. Taller than me and you should know what moisturiser is! I am not looking for a push over, nor interested in spanking you…’

Meanwhile a  38-year-old from Brentwood, Essex admits the spark has gone out of her marriage.

She says: ‘I’m married and happy but the passion has long gone. We are now just friends.’

The wife, who describes herself as ‘shapely toned’, says she likes good conversation, meals out and champagne. 

She is looking for someone within a 20-mile radius with free time ‘for exciting mutually exhilarating encounters!’

She adds that she would like ‘exciting romance, passion,’flirtation and The REST’.

A 45-year-old attached woman from Edgware, Hertfordshire has set her welcome message to read: ‘
Oh well, what is there to lose.’

The 5ft 4ins attached female is looking for a ‘tall, dark and handsome’ ‘Don Juan’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’ to enjoy ‘candle lit dinners’ and ‘long drives’ with.

She says she is hoping to find that ‘something important missing’. 

A upfront advertisement for Ashley Madison, which was founded in 2001, with the slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’

While a 40-year-old Scorpio from London specifies she would like to meet one man for an affair. 

She writes: ‘I need both a mental and physical connection. Brains and stimulating conversation are as important as chemistry as I would prefer a longer term affair – with someone like-minded.’

The size 6-8 blonde says she doesn’t want men to buy her underwear (‘I can buy my own’) and  adds: ‘All your own hair please if that doesn’t sound too superficial.’

She continues: ‘If you are not tall or dark or any of the above please don’t waste my time or your money by sending me your photos or messages. I am looking for men who are 38 – 52 in age, no kids thanks, I am not Mrs Robinson.’

A single Australian woman, aged 30, and living in London, says she is open to ‘sensual massage’ and spanking’.

She continues: ‘Looking to meet interesting guys without drama or complication. I just want to enjoy life and have some fun without the need of attachment. I’m easy going and very discreet.’

Joining the site is free for women and men, although a 99p charge per day will bump you up to the top of the search results. It has numerous options for members to send custom mail messages, initiate chat sessions, send priority messages and virtual gifts.

Those who are often on the road are also encouraged to join with the ?Travelling Man? and ?Travelling woman? option for those who want to browse while on the go.

The site even includes a panic setting that allows users to immediately flick to a neutral site – a potentially useful feature if a user’s spouse or partner suddenly walks into the room.

The sleek-looking site, which claims to have 37 million users in 50 countries, is known for its advertising slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’.

It allows married people interested in having an affair to access the profiles of other members who specify what they?re looking for, such as, ?cyber affair/erotic chat, whatever excites me, anything goes or undecided.? 

But now the secrets the business relies on – the names and contact details of clients who have used the site to arrange affairs they thought would be hidden forever, and even nude photos – could be made public.

The team of hackers – which calls itself the Impact Team – claims it has stolen the real names and addresses of many of its members, even those who have already left and asked for their accounts to be deleted.

The group, which says it is morally motivated, is threatening to publish the details unless the site is closed down by owner Canada-based Avid Life Media.

The site’s reliance on secrecy is what has made the hack so potentially damaging. 

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In our London Escort Guide, keep in mind that you can find here someone to practice many new positions. Think of Kama sutra (the book of love) for instance. While you are in bed with your favourite escort you can try so many new things and positions. Things which would probably be a taboo subject for your girlfriend. You can let all of your fantasies come to life! Maybe even throw some S&M into it!

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Happy Ending Massage Tips in London


Best Happy Ending Massage London

Happy finishing massage London therapy is perfect whay to relaxing your body. When we talk about happy endings, we do not imply the type you study about in fairytales. We suggest the happy finishing wherein you walk away with a huge grin on your face because you’ve got accomplished orgasm with a little little bit of help from your accomplice. Many human beings select to do that after a erotic massage, as you will be so relaxed that your orgasm will sense splendid when you get their with a guiding hand.

There are many exclusive methods that happy ending can appear, and that preference is up in your accomplice. They may additionally marvel you with what they need to do to delight you and make you glad, but you may want to discuss it first. Happy ending come in many bureaucracy. For a few, a satisfied ending manner a hand-activity, wherein your companion will rub your member until you cum.

For others, a happy ending rub down can be in the shape of blanketed or exposed oral, probably finishing with cum in mouth or cum in mouth with condom. If you have more various tastes, your partner can also take this into account. A specially busty accomplice can also carry out sensual massage on you that will help you obtain release, while a stocking ed one might also slowly slippery their legs and feet up and down your shaft that will help you orgasm.

Each individual has their own preference for a glad finishing, however some may be inclined to talk about it with you if there may be one which you’d love more than another. Ultimately, however, the choice and very last decision belongs to your associate. If they sense the pleasant way to get you to cum is through a slowly, sensual hand-process, then simply lie lower back, relax, and revel in it. While it is able to no longer be the glad finishing you envisaged, looking to pressure the issue can be extra damaging.

Let your accomplice please you within the manner they want to, as an enthusiastic happy ending is higher than a disinterested blow task.

Get greater data approximately glad finishing rubdown right here http://www.real-pleasure.co.uk/Happy-Ending-Massage-London

Best Outcall Massage London Tips


Best Eroitc Massage London Tips 2017

Best erotic massage London pointers is to giving your companion a top notch erotic massage can be a outstanding way to show them how lots you care, and a relaxing manner to get them warmed up and keen for an interesting night time of a laugh

If you have never given a relaxing erotic massage London earlier than, or in case you’d much like a few greater suggestions that will help you make it even better for your associate, then read the guide beneath. It is full of the exceptional erotic rub down London hints to make your associate putty to your hands.

The first-rate manner to start off an erotic massage is via getting your partner cozy. You also need to make certain their pores and skin is soft and clean to make massaging them simpler. You can get each of those carried out in one by means of getting them in the shower or bath.

If you’ve got a bathtub, ensure it is hot with bubbles to assist them loosen up. For people with a bath, leave them with a frame scrub for them to work at the ones hard portions of pores and skin. Whichever you use to help them loosen up, ensure you have the proper product for them to scrub their frame with. Opt for something with out a robust fragrance to make sure it isn’t overpowering.

While they’re getting themselves geared up, locate a few relaxing music to put on inside the history. You could create a playlist that you recognize lasts for however long you wish to offer the sensual massage, whether it is fifteen mins, half an hour, or longer. When they come into the room to experience their massage, you can absolutely press play and your enjoyable timer has started out.

As with body wash, the oil or lotion you pick out need to no longer bring too sturdy a scent. If it has a strong heady scent, and your partner doesn’t revel in the smell, they can locate it very difficult to loosen up and experience it. Opt for a totally vulnerable heady scent and keep away from things with a citrus, musk, or floral fragrance to make certain it really works first-class in your associate.

Oils can be terrific to apply for each erotic and sensual massages. They help your arms to slip effects over their body while not having to position an excessive amount of pressure on. A little oil additionally is going an extended manner, so be cautious while applying it to make sure there isn’t too much.

Lotions are a awesome way to make certain their pores and skin stays clean and gentle after their shower or bath. Lotions have a tendency to carry a extra subtle scent than oils and may be less expensive to buy, however require extra to cowl their frame properly. Try trying out each products first to make sure they paintings within the manner you need them to.

With an erotic rubdown the intention is to turn them on and get them sexually excited. Afterwards you can clearly leave them looking greater or relieve them, however you need to start off within the proper way.

Light touches with your fingertips can flip them on in no time. They begin to assume when the less attackable touches appear and just what it’ll cause. Start at the very hints of their arms or toes and work your way into the centre of their boy. Avoid their genitals and other erogenous zones for as long as you may. You need to tease them and cause them to desperate for you

Start to slowly increase the pressure as you massage, varying among operating your fingertips, your palm, or the heel of your hand on their pores and skin. Feel for the areas of tension and paintings on the ones. However, be cautious no longer to press too difficult as it could alternatively be painful. Make it clear that they ought to let you understand if it gets too painful so you can trade the stress.

Happy Ending Session

When you need to quit the erotic rub down, you may both virtually stop and go away them trying extra or determine to allow them to walk away with a smile on their face by using getting them to orgasm. As you have got already been teasing them with the aid of operating across the erotic regions of their body, in reality begin to paintings them, both via gently stroking or rubbing your palms up and down. Lotion, oil and lube can work brilliantly to help you get them off. Make your actions genuinely sluggish to tease them in addition until they’re begging you to let them end. Then you could allow them to complete off in any manner they desire to or by tantric massage .

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