Polarity Therapy, Healing and Sexuality


So – What do sexuality, polarity therapy and healing have in common? The immediate misconception is that our sexuality (sexual behavior, sexual thoughts, internal visual images, sexual partner preference and choice, body-concept, arousal pattern, level of desire, etc.) can be separated from who we are, how we think and what is going on physiologically in our body. The second misconception is that healing happens piecemeal, that we can “heal” or change one body part or one aspect of our mind-body-spirit without affecting every other part. Our body is a hologram, every part affects and reflects every other part. The third misconception is that healing equals perfection (perfect health, perfect relationship, perfect finances, a perfect life). Our body is a metaphor, a physical representation of our thoughts, actions and responses, revealing to us what we need to pay attention to, change or learn. I remember hearing about AIDS patients, on their deathbed, claiming that they were “healing.” They were not healing their physical bodies because they were dying. Yet they were healing something – perhaps their relationships, perhaps their accepting the love that was always there, perhaps realizing their own loving potential, or perhaps healing or letting go of their sense of control and superiority as a mere mortal being.

Touch Heals.

Touch is the first sense to develop and one of the last to fade. Touch triggers the release of endorphins, hormones that help to suppress pain and make us feel good. In fact, there is one gene in our body, ornithisnecoborulase, that is only turned on through touch.

Numerous studies about the healing effects of massage, conducted by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida and other locations, by psychologist Tiffany Field, Ph.D. and her colleagues, indicate that touch lowers stress hormones and increases levels of serotonin, which is just what many anti-depression drugs do. Massaging touch (15 minutes, 3 times per week, for 5 weeks) has been shown to relieve and manage pain, improve circulation and breathing, lower heart rate and blood pressure, decrease anxiety and stress, enhance flexibility, relaxation, energy, and body awareness, elevate mood, and even improve performance of mathematical calculations. Studies at The Upledger Craniosacral Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, have indicated that craniosacral therapy can help clients to heal from post traumatic stress disorder, autism, migraines, and many other physical and psychological ailments.

Sexuality Heals.

In 1994, the 14th World Congress of Sexology adopted The Declaration of Sexual Rights, which declared: “Sexual pleasure, including autoeroticism, is a source of physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual well-being.” (WAS, 1994. The Health Benefits of Sexual Expression, White Paper. April 2003. Published by Katharine Dexter McCormick Library, Planned Parenthood Foundation of American). Regular sexual activity has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, increase fitness and brain stimulation, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, improve sleep, enhance immunity, increase longevity, and promote peak spiritual experiences.

Normal sexual response depends on the interplay of sensual stimulation (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) and vascular and neuromuscular activities, precipitated and mediated by hormones and neurotransmitters. Sexual attraction, desire, arousal, orgasm and tendency toward bonding result from a delicate and fragile combination of events.

Sexual desire is a mental-emotional-sensational event which may operate separately from our natural sexual functioning. In other words, our body may be able to perform sexually without our feeling desire or we may feel sexual desire without becoming

physiologically aroused.

The significant hormones in the sexual response cycle are:

Attraction, Sexual Desire and Tendency Toward Bonding

o DHEA – androgen precursor to testosterone, estrogen and pheromones which stimulates limbic arousal in men and women

o Dopamine – located in the mesolimbic “pleasure center,” presumed to enhance sexual response, bonding and monogamy

o Vasopressin – a peptide hormone, released in the brain during sexual response, increases pair bonding and aggression by males toward other males


o Estrogen – keeps vaginal ph lower, increases number of lactobacillus (good bacteria, and increases blood flow but increased estrogen can decrease sexual desire

o Progesterone – balances estrogen so that oxytocin can be high but may also

inhibit testosterone

o Testosterone – androgen, a threshold level is needed for sexual arousal

o Choline – precursor of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, essential for memory, muscle control and cardiovascular health, it transfers the sexual arousal messages to the genital arteries and releases nitrous oxide (necessary for

penile erection and clitoral swelling

o Epinephrine and Norepinephrine – stress hormones, increase during sexual activity

Orgasm and Post-Orgasm Tendency Toward Bonding

o PEA – amphetamine-like stimulant whose levels spike at orgasm and ovulation and mediate feelings of romance and love

o Oxytocin – the cuddle hormone, spikes at orgasm leading to post orgasm inertia facilitating attraction, touch sensation and bonding

*Note – Effect increased by estrogen and yohimbine and decreased by alcohol

o Prolaction – released after orgasm to give the body a rest, it inhibits appetite as well as sexual desire, arousal and orgasm,

o Serotonins – creates relaxing, dreamy, after-sex glow and sleeping better

*Note – serotonin can inhibit release of dopamine, decreasing sexual response

Drugs that increase serotonin are associated with anorgasmia and delayed ejaculation

o Endorphins – feel good hormones, relieve pain, stimulate immune system

Healthy sexual functioning involves adequate neural signals from the central nervous system and an optimum balance within the autonomic nervous system, fluctuating between the stress response (activation of the sympathetic nervous system) and the relaxation response (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system).

Sexual arousal (vaginal lubrication and penile erection) is a neuro-vascular event mediated by the autonomic nervous system. Adequate central nervous system stimulation triggers the male erection reflex at spinal cord segments S2, S3, and S4. Adequate parasympathetic stimulation triggers the relaxation of smooth muscles and blood flow within the penis as well as female vaginal tissue engorgement and lubrication.

Orgasm and ejaculation are neuromuscular events. They require adequate central nervous system stimulation to trigger the male ejaculation reflex at multiple spinal cord levels, receptors in the skin of the penis, firing of the pudendal nerve causing compression of the penile urethra and rhythmic smooth muscle contractions and vascular constriction as well as female orgasmic response, a similar but more diffuse response that may be mediated by the vagus nerve.

Polarity Therapy Heals

Dr. Randolph Stone developed a comprehensive system of healing, Polarity Therapy, that assists us to recognize, understand and implement the healing process from the inside out and the outside in. Dr. Stone travelled the world, gathering research and information about healing. He studied theories and practices of chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing including meridians and chakras, astrology, Vedic scriptures, ancient Hermetic philosophy, and other esoteric teachings and perspectives.

Dr. Stone saw the body with all its aches and pains and physical problems as a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, “As we think, so we are.” He viewed health as freely flowing, uninterrupted life energy and disease as imbalance and blockage of energetic flow. He saw our bodies and our lives, in fact the entire universe, as a hologram, interconnected and mirroring, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” Dr. Stone taught that healing occurs when the necessary changes and transformations have occurred, first in the subconscious mind and in the most subtle and least dense aspect of the energetic field and then gradually, slowly stepping down into the dense tissues of the body and its organ systems. He taught about the profound effects and psychological meanings of the five tattvas or elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth).

Dr. Stone discovered that the human energy field is affected by everything that affects our senses (touch, sight, sounds, taste and smell) as well as the ways that we move or restrict our physical bodies and the ways that we interact with our environment and everything in it (plants, animals, and people). He also emphasized the continual expansion and contraction, yin and yang, manifested cyclically throughout the universe, within our own bodies and in our interactions with the world and the people in it.

As polarity therapy practitioners we know that our hands are energy conductors, that as we touch our clients’ bodies they respond to our touch and also to our consciousness, and that our clients’ mind-body-spirit has its own intelligence and self-regulating capacity. Our clients’ systems already know what they need in order for healing to occur. As practitioners, our task is to facilitate the unfolding of this exquisite knowing.

How Can Polarity Therapy Assist Clients With Relationship and Sexual Problems?

This article began with some comments about the profoundly negative effect researchers and therapists are finding as more and more people, especially men, become compulsively attached to internet pornography. Instead of dealing with current life problems, images of scantily clad bodies temporarily pacify the angst, restless mind, insecurities and anxieties, acting as a stimulus as strong as the most addictive drugs. At the same time, relationships are being neglected and undermined. Another epidemic in this country is the use of properly prescribed prescription drugs for almost everything, from relief of pain to reducing anxiety, to alleviating restless leg syndrome. For sexual arousal difficulties, men now have a host of little pills to take in addition to such paraphernalia as a vacuum pump and papavarine injections into the penis (regardless of the man’s state of emotional and physical health, the quality of his movement or the contents of his diet). Women are being offered surgeries for vaginal vestibulitis (vaginal inflammation) and the possibility of a new pill to improve sexual desire (regardless of the functioning of her body or the dynamics of her relationships).

Polarity therapy practitioners can have a profound and life transforming effect on clients who present with sexual and relationship issues. These clients usually do not understand the holographic interconnection among their thoughts, feelings, physical activities, dietary habits, emotional state and relationships. Beginning with observation of the body, the postural presentation, the tone of voice, facial expression, muscular tension patterns as well as the emotional content of the client’s story, the polarity therapist already has some understanding of the possible underlying energetic blockages. Following his or her intuitive knowing, the polarity therapist can begin the process of touching the client and allowing the energy to unwind and flow. This process will naturally allow the pituitary gland to reinstate a balanced flow of hormones and neurotransmitters as needed.

During this process, the client may reveal some significant past life or earlier in this life emotional or physical traumas, confusions or unresolved dilemmas. The therapist can discover which tattva is most out of balance or which chakra is blocked. By listening with full attention and honest intention to assist the healing process, the therapist can engender trust and openness in the client.

Sexual issues are very personal, private and often reveal a sense of embarrassment, shame, humiliation, distortion, cognitive dissonance or complete denial. I highly recommend investing in a few consultation sessions with a certified and qualified sex therapist to get a more comprehensive understanding of the depth of a client’s issues and how they can be handled. As a polarity therapist, you can also work in conjunction with a sex therapist, providing insight into the emotional and energetic underpinnings and assisting the client to open up enough in your sessions so that he or she can bring that newly uncovered material into a psychotherapy session for greater illumination.

Sex therapists usually do not utilize touch with their clients. They may encourage their clients to do some touching homework assignments with their sexual partners in the privacy of their own bedroom, but the touch is usually focused on sensual and sexual arousal. The touch utilized by polarity therapists has a different purpose and focus. Polarity therapists touch clients to assist the energetic flow throughout the client’s body. There is no agenda that this or that should happen. There is only touch, observation and allowing, sometimes encouraging, the energy to move and flow where it needs to go.


by Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

Caffeine Hurts Male Sexual Health


People all over the world wake up to the smell of fresh coffee enticing them to get up and get on their way. This is due largely to the fact that caffeine is one of the main active ingredients in coffee that can increase your energy. What most people may not realize is that coffee, tea, soda, and other caffeinated products my damage sexual health. Lets examine some of the ways that caffeinated drinks might be affecting your sexuality.

First of all, lets take a look at the way that caffeine affects the body. Upon consumption, caffeinated beverages constrict blood vessels and cause a momentary rise in blood pressure. If you are healthy, this rise in blood pressure will soon wear off and you will be back to normal. Regular coffee and tea drinkers may not experience this as they have built up a tolerance. Caffeinated drinks can also stimulate the central nervous system causing a sudden spike in energy and alertness.

None of this sounds that bad at all, but with heavy use, caffeine users can experience gastrointestinal upset, loss or disruption of sleep, and anxiety. All of these factors will cause an increase in the risks for sexual disorder. If you can’t sleep, then your body will be tired and sluggish making it extremely difficult for you to get an erection and keep it long enough to have a positive sexual interaction.

The anxiety caused by heavy caffeinated consumption can also lead to a psychological form of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. When you do not have full control of your faculties like your emotions, it makes it very difficult to attain a level of satisfactory sexual performance.

The constriction of blood vessels mentioned above also makes it difficult for the heart to get blood to the penis; a necessary action for erectile function and control. Drinking caffeinated beverages might be making it hard to get an erection.

There have been some scientific studies with diabetic rats who were given caffeine and monitored for erectile dysfunction. The rats that were caffeinated showed a positive correlation to erectile dysfunction. There are no studies to date that prove that caffeinated products cause sexual problems, but the fact that the blood vessels are restricted upon consumption tells us that caffeine can impair your sexual performance.

Ask your doctor about your caffeine intake. Maybe your sex health is depending on our coffee consumption, and if it is, you should try limiting your intake and watch for results.


by Paul A Buchanan

Sacred Sexuality in Your Astrological Chart


For some of my clients, sacred sexuality is a new concept, at least on the conscious level. On a soul level they might have a vision that a deeper approach to lovemaking exists… or they may long for a way to integrate their sexuality with their spirituality. Without knowledge of the paradigm of sacred sexuality, though, they usually lack a context or container to support or hold their vision.

Part of my job as a Vedic & Western astrologer and Spiritual counselor has been to reveal how this “new” paradigm of sacred sexuality manifests through the clients’ astrological chart. Whether they are gay, straight, bi or trans-gendered, when they hear about the “new” paradigm there is often an immediate recognition and an audible sign of relief!

After working with thousands of astrology and counseling clients, I’ve found that certain planetary aspects in the chart (whether Vedic or Western) indicate an interest in sacred sexuality or Tantra. In traditional Western astrology, Venus and Mars are the primary indicators of sexuality. Experimentation with alternative forms of sexuality is often seen with challenging aspects between Venus and Mars (the square, opposition, inconjunct, etc.) These aspects are often found in charts of people who either question their sexual orientation or who are in the process of finding their unique balance of male and female energies.

To see the deeper aspects of sacred sexuality in the chart, I usually look to the transpersonal planets (primarily Uranus and Neptune) and their connections with the personal planets (primarily Venus & Mars). Since Uranus represents universal energy (sometimes called prana, chi or kundalini), aspects between Uranus and Venus or Mars indicate individuals who are learning how to channel kundalini energy. Venus/Uranus aspects in particular are extremely common in people who are interested in sacred sexuality, or energy healers who are channeling kundalini energy (Uranus) through their hearts (Venus) and hands. Venus/Uranus aspects can also indicate an interest in a variety of alternative sexual expressions (bi-sexuality, homosexuality, polyamory, etc.)

Mars/Uranus aspects are indicative of individuals who are also learning to master the kundalini energy so they can be catalysts for their own and other’s evolution. Most importantly, they are learning to ground the kundalini energy so they can be fully present in the moment, a distinct challenge for both Uranus types! When the kundalini is not grounded in the Mars/Uranus individual, it can create a variety of issues including extreme impatience, ADD or ADHD-like symptoms and the inability to be in the present. When the Mars/Uranus energy is balance it creates an ability to be totally present to all that is occurring in the moment.

Venus/Uranus and Mars/Uranus aspects also indicate extreme needs for freedom and individual expression, which sometimes can create havoc in relationships. This is particularly true if the individuals are trying to conform to what mainstream society sees as “normal” forms of relationship. Both types tend to be willing to rebel against cultural norms if it means they can express their sexual needs more honestly and uniquely.

It’s ironic that both Venus/Uranus and Mars/Uranus types also often have aspects that indicate extreme needs for oneness and merging as well! (particularly Moon/Neptune and Venus/Neptune aspects). Without the context of sacred sexuality, these needs can sometimes seem to be mutually exclusive and un-attainable. That is why it is so empowering for clients when they discover that within the context of sacred sexuality they can truly have it all!

Venus/Neptune aspects in a chart are indicators that the individual is learning to be an agent or vessel of unconditional love. These aspects create strong idealism in love relationships where love is seen as a high spiritual expression. If Venus/Neptune combines with Saturn, there is often past life recollections of sacrificing one’s personal needs for the divine (think: priestess, nun, monk, etc.) Sometimes Venus/Neptune individuals would rather be alone than sacrifice their vision of high relationship. Although, Venus/Neptune aspects can create disillusionment in relationship, they can also create rarefied expressions of Divine love. In Vedic Astrology, you can see these same themes with Venus conjoining or being aspected by the mystical lunar nodes, Rahu & Ketu.

Mars/Neptune aspects are the penultimate indicators of the desire to surrender the personal sense of “I” to transpersonal or Divine will. The individual with Mars/Neptune aspects may be confused about who they are surrendering their will too. They may also express this confusion through sexual fantasy and seduction (think: Bill Clinton!) On a higher level, there is an urge to surrender, to let go of control and merge with the “other.” This can also show up as a desire or longing for true sacred Union with the Beloved.

One of the strongest aspects that I often find in charts of clients that are interested in sacred sexuality are strong conjunctions or close aspects between the Moon and Neptune. In this case the longing (Moon) for oneness and unity (Neptune) with the Beloved is the underlying theme of the whole chart. Although many Moon/Neptune individuals experience the “lower” manifestation of Moon/Neptune aspects (co-dependence, unhealthy merging, psychic sponge, etc), when they discover Tantra, they actually have a head start on oneness. Since their boundaries have often been more fluid than others, they’ve been practicing oneness, in one way or another, for all of their lives!

Through astrology, both Vedic & Western, we can discover and clarify how we are connected to transpersonal energies and how we can integrate the energies of the transpersonal planets into our daily lives. It is not necessarily an easy task as the transpersonal planets ask us to stretch and grow in new directions. When we do rise to the challenge, though, we are rewarded with rich, multi-dimensional experiences. Opening to the flow and energy of the transpersonal planets is truly a way of experiencing the Divine while being fully embodied in the physical form.


by James Jarvis

Sex Quote – The Tragedy of Sexual Intercourse Is the Perpetual Virginity of the Soul


Virginity of the soul in this context means the level of innocence within us, which strongly includes our taste and ability to crave or long after some things or substances which may not really be considered as socially okay. This is a sex quote from William B. Yeate. What does he mean by this? Let’s find out.

Actually, this is so deep and inspiring and for a clearer picture and better understanding of this sex quote, we will have to critically analyze it in two sides, the side which considers the situation before sexual intercourse and the side after having sex.

A person who never had sex in his or her Life is not just a virgin in sexual status but also in the soul. What this means is that, the person has no experience and no sense of adventure. This may not be entirely true and some virgins may have watched some pornography, gone through illicit materials, engaged in pervert chats or discussions with friends. Nevertheless, it is not as adventurous as tasting the “forbidden fruit”.

Now, this virgin gets set to experience it for the first time in his or her life and then goes into it with some level of uncertainty despite how well they have known it through the factors earlier mentioned. But once the forbidden fruit has been tasted or even eaten, our Human nature then comes into play which is-we want to eat and taste more of it. A lady has confessed that ever since she had her first sex at the age of 15, she never looked back. A guy who was a virgin and in a relationship for about 4 years experienced his first sex with his girl at the age of 22. Not up to 6 months after this, he broke up with her-why? “She is not really good in bed”-his reason. There are millions of people who are in similar situations, especially teenagers and young adults.

After having an intercourse, we want to have it again and we hoped and wish the next time should be better, more adventurous and pleasurable than the previous. We do not just stop on the basis of wishes and hopes but rather work towards ensuring the next would be better. All these actions bring down the level of innocence we possess within us and hence eat up the virginity of the soul. The more we crave or try to make the next better, the more we make the soul wild (for the married) or corrupt (for the singles). And no wonder, sexual intercourse in our present generation has been abused. People do not find satisfaction in having sex with the opposite gender anymore. They have gone far to have it with same gender and to some this is not even enough. They have craved for pleasure from animals-having sex with dogs and horses, all in the quest to find the zenith of pleasure and hence corrupting the soul.

Well, in order to clear all possible subjects of arguments, such an attribute affecting the soul is a tragedy to both the married and single. The main factor of any variable here should be the individuals. Well, a married man may be tired of the satisfaction he gets from his wife and begin sleeping with his next door neighbor’s wife to get the satisfaction he feels he has not enjoyed. His wife on the other hand can go for an animal. So, no one is exempted in this. But even as the soul gets more and more wild after every sexual intercourse, we should do our best not to make it a tragedy but rather channel it to better enjoy sex the way it ought to be enjoyed.


by Funom Makama

Sexual Self-Sufficiency Through Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus


Most people, especially in these trying economic times, are realizing the importance of living a self-sufficient life. This type of lifestyle allows one to live on their own, as they see fit, and take care of themselves in every conceivable fashion (by themselves). It’s a way for people to disconnect themselves from the tempestuous world we live in that seems to be filled with more lies, corruption, and greed every day.

The entire concept of being self-sufficient is another way of expressing/having Independence and Freedom.

When one gets properly self-sufficiently established, their lives are typically permeated by feelings of peace. One realizes that it is up to them, and only them, to be reliant on survival and creating an environment where they can rest happily, content, and safely. The greatest part is leaving the rest of the corruption, politics, and senseless garbage behind them.

I had a friend I went to high school with who went off to college. I spoke to him a few months later and he had something quite revealing to say. He stated that, in college, that he had to learn to take care of himself. He said that if he wanted to wear clean clothes, then he had to take the time out to wash them. If he didn’t wash them, then he only had dirty clothes to wear. If he wanted something to eat, he had to plan ahead and purchase food and then prepare to cook it if he wanted to eat. The next lesson he learned was that if he didn’t bother to clean the dishes after his last meal, that he had nothing clean to eat off of. If he didn’t pay the electric bill, then they would turn off his electricity…

It was an incredible awakening for him, as he had moved out of his family’s house to live on his own. He hadn’t realized how protected and cared for he was until he had to do it on his own. He realized that he had taken for granted all of the things that were provided to him by his parents. Now that he was on his own, with only himself to accept responsibility or blame for whatever occurred in his life, he was awakened by the smell of reality.

(I’ve often wondered if this isn’t one of the best lessons that universities, indirectly, really teach.)

Acquiring self-sufficiency takes on many methods and meanings. Some people want to have enough money that they can have the freedom to do what they want, whenever they want. This is surely a form of a sufficiency that offers comfort and freedom that most people desire. Just imagine winning the lottery and realizing that you don’t have to go to work tomorrow morning, if you don’t feel like it; and, if you so desire, you can walk into the office of your boss and quote the title of a song made famous by Johnny Paycheck. You know, the one where you tell your boss where to insert your job. If Country music isn’t your style, the Dead Kennedy’s did a more intensive cover of this song. Or if movies are your thing, the movie, of the same title, was released in 1981.

Sexuality can also become a form of self-sufficiency, too. The act of autofellatio is whereby a man can orally stimulate his own penis; where for women the similar act is called autocunnilingus. These abilities are simply extensions and creative forms of masturbation. However, with these “auto” techniques, one is able to explore and evoke pleasures that are hardly available with more conventional means of masturbation. This is what makes them special.

Learning these methods is certainly a way for people to become truly self-reliant in the sexual field. Allowing them to create a sexual independence or a sexual freedom, if they so desire. It’s one other tool for the toolbox of the individual who wants to realize autonomy.

Good luck.

Exploring unconventional methods of sexuality; methods that our ancestors enjoyed and impassioned themselves with, is one of my interests. Those men and women who are interested in autofellatio should read Yogafellatio. It is a book that helps guide men down this sexually exciting and interesting path.


by Kimi Kalfino

Colour and Sexuality


There is a lot of information around colours and the emotions they represent. Certain colours are associated with certain emotions for example red represents anger. But does favouring a certain colour have an effect on what you are attracted to? It is quite possible, as your sexuality is orientated around your emotions.

If we look at what each colour means, we can analyse the possibility of how that colour affects your sexual behaviour. White on its own is a representation of purity. In weddings the bride often wears white, as traditionally she is supposed to be a virgin and by wearing white she shows her purity and honesty. In some cultures it represents kindness, which is why within those cultures it’s worn at funerals.

In love, white stands for loyalty. White is technically not a colour, which is why it stands for purity, as it completes light. Because it can change into any colour, it has some meaning as a good omen for new beginnings. Sexually, people who favour white are conservative. Owing to the purity aspect, it could be said that people who are fond of white are shy to show affection in public and tend to dress under the covers. They would probably shower both before and after making love.

Red stands at the opposite of white. Red represents passion and heat. The colour stands for a variety of things in different cultures. In China it’s the colour of prosperity and joy, whereas in western societies it can represent anger and violence. Mars is a red planet and in many ancient cultures represented the God of War. Because of this long association with violence and aggression, red now represents danger.

In our own bodies, blood is red, which brings with it symbols of life and vitality. Sexually, red lovers tend to be wild and explore different aspects of lovemaking. Two people who love red would probably be highly adventurous.

Purple has achieved mythical status in the colour world. Owing to it being associated with spiritual fulfilment, it is said that people who favour this colour are sexually deprived. As a colour, purple is associated with peace of mind and royalty. It’s the colour of the magician’s cloak and indicates magic. Sexually, as mentioned, there is a myth for purple lovers. People who prefer purple are rumoured to be non-fuss types and have a very businesslike approach to bedroom antics.

Black is generally associated with death, evil, and the opposite of white. However, this isn’t always necessarily so. In the Native American culture, they thought black was a good colour as it was the colour of the soil, which gives life. There is also a sense of mystery to the colour, which gives hope to potential and possibility.

Police psychologists have shown that most sex offender’s favourite colour is black. However, this might not always be the case, as described above, there can be possibilities for other attributes with black and sexual behaviours.

Green is the colour of healing, fertility and life. It is a general good-feeling colour and has links to harmony and safety. There is a lot of balance and change with the colour. Sexually, green people have a fresh and innocent approach to lovemaking. Emphasis is more on being gentle, faithful and reliable than on passion (red being the opposite colour of green).

Pink is generally described with love, beauty and romance. Looking at the actual colour, it is very quiet, although it is the combination of two very strong colours, red and white. There is a general feeling of tenderness, self-worth and acceptance with pink. Sexually, the colour is a bit of a tease. For women, pink is associated with femininity and might reveal that side for them.

Orange brings out the more red aspects within in. It is the colour for power, although it is also considered as one of the healing colours. Enthusiasm and creativity come out of orange, as well as thoughtfulness and sincerity. There is a lot of warmth to it. As a colour, it’s a type of toned-down red when it comes to meanings.

Sexually, it is said that orange lovers tend toward sexual fantasies. They also prefer a fair amount of foreplay, which is where the thoughtfulness comes in. Most blue things, such as the sky, the ocean, all have a calming effect of people. Due to it bringing a sense of relaxation with it, people generally find their most inspirational moments while looking at blue. Sincerity and spirituality are also part of the colour. Blue is also linked to friendship and conversation.

Sexually, blue brings out consideration and sensitivity within in lovers. They are concerned with their partner’s needs and wants, which also results in them being loyal and faithful in the long term.

Yellow is bright, sunny and the most cheerful of all colours. Emotionally, there are creativity and intellectual properties to the colour, which is probably why post-its and notepads are yellow. Yellow lovers are adaptable to their partners. They would rather be passive than initiate sexual behaviour.

Whether there is any truth behind the meanings of colours is up to each person’s intuition. However, it would explain a fair amount with regard to characteristics and emotions when looking at a specific shade. Favouring a type of colour could reflect your character in the bedroom. It might not be 100% true for all, but might explain why you like certain things certain ways.


by Celeste Yates

Parlour Massage London Benefits

Parlour Massage London Real Adult Therapy

Parlour Massage London improves body flexibility. Physical pain caused by the load, stress or strained ligaments and joints, chronic skin lesions greatly reduces the naked massage therapy. It can actually help heal internal scar tissue.

By improving blood circulation, body to body massage reduces cramps, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches and much more.Improved breathing techniques are an integral part of the massage. Breathing exercises and relaxation habits required in the process to help complete the massage experience.

The combined effect lower blood pressure and removes of toxins from the body support. Our Parlour Massage London improves mental clarity and reducing the effects of stress. Include self-massage in your daily life and increase profits. A facial massage is something everyone can. A soft short face massage increases blood circulation and improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Use a detergent and hot water soft slow, gentle movements that.

Parlour Massage London Benefits

In an address upwards and away from the center of the face is always working in the opposite direction of gravity for younger looking skin. Be gentle on the eyes when the tissue is very sensitive and can be damaged easily. When showering or bathing and massage.

With bath or shower gel and sensual massage sponge, massage on the arms, legs and upper body, with slow, circular motions. Remember to relax and breathe slowly and evenly over the entire process. Breathing techniques are an important part of an effective massage therapy. Take deep cleansing breaths and when you’re finished, will not only be clean to go, but you feel refreshed and full of energy.

The Basic Principles of Sensual Massage.

Sensual Massage is a way to caress the body, with variations in the length and depth of the stroke. However, you should always run firm strokes towards the heart as this will be beneficial for circulation.

Long flowing sensual massage strokes with little pressure on the body are soft and soothing. This type of movement is called smooth, uniform pressure and is commonly used to start and end the sensual massage.

Stroking or touching the skin with your fingers quickly and gradually is stimulating and helps blood flow. It is usually done in small areas such as the forehead, cheeks and neck.
Petrissage involves squeezing and releasing of a muscle or muscle group. A good example of this type of movement is amassing. This is usually done with both hands, especially in the thighs and buttocks. Petrissage fiber helps build muscle, remove waste products and relieve fatigue.
Another type of sensual massage movement is called mutual massage. It is rubbing your hands back and forth through an area and is very warm and stimulating to the tissues. Mutual massage is a gentle healing art suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly.

Some Nuru Massage Techniques Have Various Other Advantages.

Nuru massage, for example, is one of them. Although unknown to many people a few years ago, Nuru massage is gaining popularity even higher than other forms of massage, there since time immemorial. The popularity of the Nuru Massage is evident in couples of different age groups.

This increase in popularity of the nuru massage as a means to relieve stress in the body can on the quality of services, which are attributed by the masseurs who offer these services and couples have to strengthen their privacy. For couples, Nuru massage has been shown to help grow a strong bond between them, that is the reason why its popularity is enormous among married couples.

Tantric Massage Therapy Benefits

Benefits of London tantric massage therapy contributes a variety of health conditions. These and many others include reducing stress and tension to lower blood pressure. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy.

In fact tantric massage London therapy can benefit all who live in a hectic lifestyle. People with a demanding job and family can certainly benefit from massage therapy. If you just have time to relax and unwind you can benefit from massage therapy.

Benefits of tantric massage therapy also include strengthening the immune system. According to studies, people who tend to get regular massages experience positive physical changes in their body. For example, people who get massage therapy regularly experience an increase in serotonin levels and decrease in T cells.

In addition, studies show that regular massage therapy can promote stress and tension, better sleep and improve the overall well being of a person. Most people who receive regular massage therapy have been found less sick than those who did not receive massage therapy.

Tantric Massage

Another of the many benefits of tantric massage therapy is that it has been found to help lower blood pressure. In fact, many studies have shown that in the long run, massage therapy can help lower blood pressure. According to these studies, regular massage therapy lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones.

Therefore, people who experience regular massage therapy reduce stress and avoid depressed or anxious. Stress, depression and anxiety are factors that contribute to high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor and ask if you can benefit from massage therapy. Your doctor can decide whether to add massage therapy to treat high blood pressure.
Benefits of massage therapy include improved blood circulation. But what exactly does improve the blood circulation? People who are cold hands and feet, which are often exhausted and have experience body aches, are likely to have circulatory problems.

These people can benefit from massage therapy because the pressure used in the massage stimulates oxygen rich blood to areas with poor circulation reach. In addition, massage therapy helps remove lactic acid buildup in the muscles removed. Massage therapy also helps the lymphatic system to improve work efficiency in flushing toxins from the body.
Therapeutic massage has been proven to reduce the amount of cortisol, stress hormones in the body. The hormone cortisol, the stress signals as muscle mass discomfort, becoming easily irritated, headaches and other physical symptoms. Digestion, which may be often affected by the voltage line by normal deep massages, can be improved.

In addition, some researchers believe that massage can hormones that can create a high level of well-being similar to what is actually happening through exercise. Because of these effects has therapeutic massage is particularly useful in helping patients with arthritis who may not be able to get some exercise regularly. Massage can also help arthritis sufferers improve the mobility of the large joints.
Massage can also help improve circulation.

It is believed that the stroke of massage therapy healthy blood flow and helps in cleaning promotes the toxins in the blood. The actual massage could also help the flow associated with lymph fluid. Lymph strengthens the immune system of the body, a high resistance to disease

However there are some exceptions that ought to be taken into consideration for those undergoing tantric massage. Some people might not be suitable to some types of massage due to the impacts that will be caused. This includes people with open sores or outbreaks, people with circulatory disorders that recent surgery and the people who have a history of blood clots have had.

People with cancer should be. Apparent from the following chemotherapy or radiation therapy, massage and really should stay away from the immediate therapeutic massage any area growth. He advises pregnant women abdominal massage during the first three months of pregnancy to avoid.

Since tantric massage has generally been practiced for its relaxing effect and luxurious. Among other benefits, massage also has many medicinal properties, such as improved circulation, pain relief and healing has muscle tears. If you are interested in self-massage or a massage therapist, it is important that you perfect your technique to provide maximum benefit.

The massage should be a relaxing experience, the mood before you start is important. If you are planning a massage at home, choose a time when, in order to ensure his house not particularly crowded or loud a peaceful atmosphere.

Put soft, soothing music and dim the lights in the room. Interestingly, a popular technique aromatherapy probably in combination with massage, so you can light incense or scented candles with relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and vanilla.

When it comes to massage techniques, an important work in the right direction to soothe the muscles and improve the circulation. Overall, many of you accept that you massage the muscles in a movement up and down, but this movement does not promote healing. However, kneading muscles so that they can move in a vertical direction.

This method is effective in reducing pain and may be the time to reduce the cure for the muscle because it smooth the torn muscle fibers and helps them focus. Remember, in slow, stop and even at the first sign of discomfort. An effective massage should be soothing and stimulating. It should not cause pain.

Massage however involve some tools that enables the activity effective. Some of these include the oil. Massage Oils allow hands over the skin for a smooth glide firm massage. Some oils that are good for massage grape seed ,almond, avocado, apricot, jojoba and hazelnut.

To make it effective one is required to heat the oil for a soothing massage to make. Massage lotions or creams are an alternative to oil if you prefer a fat-free option. Lotions are particularly effective for deep tissue massage because they slide, but also create sufficient friction to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

You can use for a tantric massage oils and lotions that lead to soothing scents so as to provide another element to integrate aromatherapy. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and a long massage.

Unfortunately, most of you are not trained masseurs, and do not really know what we are doing. There are a few tips you can follow to improve their skills can massage. Before the massage, a few drops of oil on your hands and rub it on the back of your partner that covers the skin evenly.

This would prevent your skin from demolition and kneading, you can get a massage uncomfortable. Try to avoid using oil -based lubricants massage as it leaves the skin feel sticky. Tantric Massage oil is the best choice, but if you have no hand, you can use baby oil or vegetable oil as an alternative. Be careful, not too much oil or hands slide to use, and you will not be able to give a deep massage.

Impasse of Body to Body Massage

Each day is a new challenge as you have to choose one by one things. Such moments define you and on long terms will have a meaning. It contours the person you are, with dreams and wishes, with passions and fantasies. It happens the same with the body massage too, the one that defines actually through the desire to live your life at high cotes.

The Impasse of Foll Body Massage Therapy

The first thing some have in mind when thinking about the body massage is about breaking the rules. Unwritten ones and impose by the society which blames certain acts, this exceeds the common way of enjoying life. It’s like when everybody goes to one road you want something different.

The impasse about going or not to an body massage is about not wanting to be the one everyone discusses about. Well surprise, here no one will ask you about who you are and what you want except of what is related with the intimacy life.

body massage therapy
body massage therapy

You have assured the privacy and no one will speak about it. In fact words don’t count here too much but the whispers you will hear in your ear during the body massage, the ones that amplify the whole effect of this experience. You come here to feel good and relax not to chat.

The Body to Body Massages

Thinking too much at such fact will mean to exclude your desires and do things exactly as someone else wants. You can’t guide after the society and you have no reasons to do this. In a modern world the concept of body to body massage is embraced more and more. This type of body massage therapy is intense and of an astounding effect from inside out. As the way your body is spoiled means a relaxation style for your mind and soul too. So do you want to try an body to body massage?

Something About Nude Massage

We tend to believe the first thing we hear about something. Better to take it for granted than to see another way. And when it comes about the nude massage things are well delimited, this is exaggerated, for frustrated men. It may be so but you can lap take advantages of that too.

nude massage London
nude massage London

The nude massage is not a new kind of relaxation method, hence it part of the modern concepts since not everybody dares to do a step ahead for trying this experience. There are myths that make them be skeptic. But you have no idea of what you’re losing.

The nude massage is for single men!

That because in the vision of those who want to be faithful something sensual and intimate should be consumed just with the partner. In fact instead of a miserable life in two better an sexy experience where you can learn about this, discover more about you better try new things that will help you later and on long terms to define better your sex life.
Nude massage is just for men. In fact a modern vision implies women category too. Don’t limit your pleasure so bring your partner to the nude massage. You may discover about you liking to watch how the partner is on the moon, seduced and pleased. Under your eyes, some one else and you at your turn in a fantasy too.
An nude massage is just for those who want an affair. It’s a misunderstanding here since the sensual massage is the therapy for shy ones and those with sexual problems. A psychological part involved too but nothing else. It’s the freedom you want and need once in a while, the equivalent of a day to spa when your mind, soul and body are relaxed.
All these may keep you away from the nude massage. But they are nothing else but myths.