Tantric massage London

Tantric Massage London Experience 

The Tantric massage in London is, therefore, in fact, a tantric experience. It takes place in nakedness, both for those who receive the ritual for the giver; being naked leads to a more acute sensitivity in receiving the massage, combined with a greater sense of freedom. During treatment, the energies of the body are stimulated in order to run more smoothly, increasing the pleasure. Tantric massage LondonThis serves to improve the perception of the senses, to know each other better both from within the self in relation with the outside. It is practiced manual very intense and, above all, with an interior attitude particular, specific characteristic of beings particularly advanced. The spiritual aspect in tantric massage can be expressed by listening to an intimate and quiet, inner purity, the action that comes from the heart, the awareness of the body perceived as the soul.

Tantric massage London Stimulation of Sexual Massage

As any other type of massage, this special and ancient technique our professional London tantric massage therapists will apply has a multitude of beneficial effects. However, tantric massage is not only about improving the sexual life, but also connecting this side of one’s personality with all the other ones.
Our therapists are always open with their clients, as if they were old acquaintances. Being open with the client is actually the most important part of a tantric massage London. If this closeness weren’t to happen, the relaxation process wouldn’t be possible.

This informal bond is always enhanced by a small, preliminary talk. Being able to open your mind and soul in front of the other is another key element of this special massage.
Once this intimate connection is established, our London tantric massage therapists will lay the client on his back. Touching the solar plexus with one hand and the forehead or the crown with the other one will help our masseuses realign the positive energies in the body.

Usually, this type of contact has no effect if done by an amateur. However, when the client first feels the energy zooming through him, the first stage of arousal begins. The lingam slowly begins to enhance, preparing for the release of the light inside it.
Using special oil, the masseuse will then slowly begin to massage the chest and the arms. Using gentle and firm strokes of the muscle, the accumulated energy is dispersed throughout the body. Man’s nipples are as sensitive as a woman’s and at our London Tantric massage center the client experiences probably for the first time the sensations that flow through a woman’s body.
The Tantric Touch is a tool that develops the awareness that it is the only real goal of Tantra. The ritual of the Tantric massage London is both sensual and meditative thought to awaken the consciousness of the body helping to connect again with your unconscious where are hidden all your fantasies.